Tyre Valves

A Small But Very Important Part Of Vehicle Safety


Tyre valves help to maintain tyre pressure and permit air to be added or removed from the tyre.


The valve in your wheel is a small but very important part of your vehicle as far as safety and tyre life is concerned. It holds the pressure inside the tyre assembly and is the access point to adjust your tyre pressure. A valve cap in good condition is also essential as it provides a secondary seal and prevents dirt from getting inside.


Tyre valves are generally made from rubber to give them flexibility; however, this rubber deteriorates with age and use. Valves can become damaged due to the force they are subjected to while driving and their exposure to the elements.


They are relatively inexpensive yet vital to the performance of tyres and your safety. That’s why at Belmont Tyres, we replace your tyre valve with a brand new one every time a tyre bead is broken.


At Belmont Tyres our fully fitted tyre prices include a brand new standard valve as well as wheel balancing and environmental tyre disposal. So the price you see is the price you pay.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems


An increasing number of new cars come fitted with TPMS valves as standard. TPMS valves look very similar to standard valves on the outside of the tyre, but within the tyre casing these valves are fitted with a sensor which monitors tyre pressure and pressure irregularities and reports these to the driver via the dashboard display.


At Belmont Tyres we can supply and fit a cost effective TPMS sensor should your existing sensors need replacing.